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Blocked drains are a pure headache – Not in a metaphorical sense, but literally!

The foul smell lingering around your house can actually cause a headache. On top of that, if your blocked drain is caused by tree-root infiltration or stubborn debris accumulation, the situation can quickly deteriorate. This condition requires immediate high-pressure root cutting.

Because once it reaches the threshold, the water won’t stop flooding your house.

Fortunately, dealing with a stubborn blocked drain is a challenge in itself, but there are ways to deal with it.

At Adelaide Emergency Plumbing, we have one of the most effective, safe, environment-friendly, and non-invasive ways to deal with this issue—High-Pressure Root Cutting. This innovative and powerful technology can prevent pipework from becoming clogged with obstructions, reducing damage and improving efficiency.

The best part is it can tackle even the toughest blockages with ease!

Let’s dive in and find what blocked drain plumbers can do with High-Pressure Root Cutting.

Discover What It Takes To Perform High-Pressure Root Cutting:

When the traditional method fails, High-Pressure Root Cutting comes to the rescue!

In simple terms, high-pressure root cutting is a specialised plumbing method that uses high-pressure water jets to dislodge obstructions from drains and sewer lines. This technique is particularly handy when massive tree roots invade the pipelines. The high-pressure water breaks through the roots, grease build-up, and other obstructions. Hence, it restores a smooth flow of water and functionality to your plumbing system.

How Does High-Pressure Root Cutting Work?

A specialised nozzle is inserted into the troubled pipeline, emitting a forceful water stream. The nozzle efficiently cuts through roots, grease, scale, or debris obstructing the pipe. This nozzle traverses the pipes and cleans the inner walls.

As soon as the process is complete, your drain’s optimal flow and functionality are back.

If you spot any of the following signs of a blocked drain, call us at (08) 8004 5957.

Our expert team of blocked drain plumbers with over 15 years of industry experience will reach your location within an hour of your call. Once our team arrives with all the required equipment in their vehicles, we will start acting right away.

Benefits of High-Pressure Root Cutting

Needless to say, this process is much more efficient than any other method available for solving this issue.

These are the 7 excellent benefits backing up the effectiveness of this method.

  1. Keeps Your Yard Intact: No digging and no heavy machinery means no mess in your yard! So you can keep your backyard looking great without the hassle of significant repairs.
  2. Gentle on the Environment: Unlike harsh chemicals that impact your health and environment, high-pressure root cutting uses water to clear blockages, keeping our planet healthy and clean for future generations.
  3. Keeps Life Running Smoothly: Tired of the loud noises from heavy machinery? High-pressure root cutting uses minimal disruption to carry on with your daily activities without worrying about major construction work.
  4. Keeps Things Working Longer: High-pressure root cutting clears blockages without sabotaging the pipes. You’ll have a robust plumbing system that will be sturdy and reliable for years to come.
  5. Protects Your Outdoor Oasis: No need to worry about damaged plants or landscaping—high-pressure root cutting keeps your outdoor space looking fresh, beautiful, and untouched.
  6. Ensures a Healthy Home: Clearing blockages swiftly helps conserve a clean and safe environment for you and your family, creating a healthier and happier home.
  7. Saves You Time and Money: Want to save some cash? High-pressure root cutting prevents costly damage and future repairs in the long run.

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Don’t let stubborn clogs disrupt your daily life. Contact Adelaide Emergency Plumbing today and let us help you master tough clogs with our high-pressure root-cutting services.

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