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Blocked Stormwater Drain Repairs, Adelaide

Blocked stormwater drains in Adelaide should be considered as an emergency, and upon first signs you should contact a qualified plumber for a fast repair.

At Adelaide Emergency Plumbing our team of fully qualified, licensed and insured plumbers have the means and knowhow to quickly clear your blocked stormwater drain in Adelaide, covering all metropolitan areas – 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. For emergency stormwater drain clearing we can be at your location within 1 hour, or less, of your call. Phone us anytime on08 8423 6783.

Leaving a blocked stormwater drain for too long may cause serious issues such as flooding onto your property, as well as posing a health risk to the public, waterways and marine life.

In many cases, a blocked stormwater drain isn’t noticed until a period of heavy rain. Stormwater drains are built to withstand large volumes of water, but they will quickly overflow if there is a blockage present.

Common signs of a blocked stormwater drain include:

  • Water flooding onto your property
  • Water gushing from your downpipes
  • Flooding of surface grates during heavy rain or storms
  • Gurgling noises coming from your drains

How is a blocked stormwater drain cleared?

At Adelaide Emergency Plumbing we have the right equipment to clean and clear your blocked stormwater drain effectively and efficiently with quality workmanship guaranteed. We’ll repair your Adelaide blocked stormwater drain on the same day* of your booking and we are available 24/7 for any emergency plumbing repairs.

The most effective way to repair a blocked stormwater drain is with a hydro-jet. The hydro-jet is a high powered water sprayer that is positioned into the blocked pipe. With a spray pressure of up to 5000psi any tree root masses inside the pipe are pulverised and any debris, sludge or silt is blasted away, proficiently clearing the blockage and cleaning the inside walls of the pipe in the process.

Once the blockage in the stormwater drain has been cleared your plumber may then use a CCTV camera to inspect the pipework to ensure that no damage has been caused from the blockage. For example, Tree root infiltrations can break through pipes and if the damaged section is not repaired, blockages will continue to occur.

If broken pipes are found, or your blocked stormwater drain cannot be cleared with the hydro-jet, your expert plumber from Adelaide Emergency Plumbing will be able to repair the issue through excavation methods to replace the required section of the drain. This can be a complex job and your attending plumber will always provide you with a quote prior to starting any drain excavation or pipe replacement works.

We offer a FREE CCTV Inspection with every HydroJet Drain Clean. This allows us to pinpoint the issue and locate damage or breaks and provide a fixed price solution to avoid future callouts.

What causes a blocked stormwater drain?

The main causes of a blocked stormwater drain in Adelaide include:

  • Tree roots – Tree roots are the most common cause of blocked stormwater or sewer drains. Tree roots can easily get into a pipe through the smallest crack and continue to grow inside to form a large mass, completely blocking or damaging the pipe.
  • Damaged Pipes – Water flow can be restricted due to collapsed or damaged pipes. Pipes can become damaged for a number of reasons including: age of the pipes, ground movement, temperature fluctuation, and from stubborn blockages.
  • Lack of maintenance – Downpipes, gutters, and grates should be cleaned and cleared regularly to help prevent blocked stormwater drains.
  • Heavy storms or flooding – Storms and flooding can quickly wash all kinds of debris and objects into our stormwater drains – leaves, dirt, garden waste and other household waste being carried into the drains can quickly cause a blockage after substantial rain.

Keep an eye on your stormwater drains and if you suspect a blockage then call our Adelaide blocked stormwater specialists, any time of the day or night, any day of the year.