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For gas storage hot water system repairs, installations or replacements – Adelaide Emergency Plumbing are the ones to call

Gas storage hot water heaters run on mains pressure, meaning you’ll have the strongest flow of water available with no water fluctuations – even when running multiple taps at the same time.

The gas storage hot water system consists of a storage tank (made from either stainless steel or vitreous enamel) that stores and heats your water so that it’s hot and ready for when you need it. Gas storage hot water is economical and the models are quality built and made to last. Many manufacturers’ offer long-term warranty conditions of around 10 years for a typical gas storage system.

If you have a large family home or a small unit – there is a gas storage hot water heater to suit you. There are varying sizes available, from a compact 25-litre storage cylinder through to a large 400-litre unit.

If you’re are looking to install a new gas storage hot water heater then call the professionals from Adelaide Emergency Plumbing. We can supply you with the ideal model to suit your home and hot water requirements. We have a large range of quality systems available from the following trusted manufacturers:

It’s important to get the right sized gas storage model for your home to ensure optimum performance and maximum efficiency.

At Adelaide Emergency Plumbing, we also cover all Adelaide gas storage hot water heater repairs and replacements. We provide a same day service and in a hot water emergency can be at your location within less than 1 hour*, regardless of the time of day, or day of the year – we’re here to help you 24/7.

Call us anytime on 08 8423 6783. Or use our easy online booking form for gas storage hot water repairs, installations or replacements in Adelaide.

Hot Water Repair


No hot water from my gas storage hot water heater

If there’s no hot water from the gas storage hot water heater, this is considered a plumbing emergency. With a gas hot water system, no hot water could mean a gas leak. Another issue that requires an immediate response is a burst hot water tank.

If you experience any of the above problems call Adelaide Emergency Plumbing for a prompt gas storage hot water repair or replacement. Our hot water experts are available across all suburbs of Adelaide 24/7 and can be knocking on your door within less than 1 hour* of your booking. Call us on 08 8423 6783.

For non-emergency gas storage hot water repairs in Adelaide, we still guarantee a same day service. At Adelaide Emergency Plumbing there are never any hidden surprises or costs. We provide fixed and up-front pricing, pensioner discounts, and our licensed and insured plumbers will arrive on time – on the same day as your booking. Our Adelaide hot water repairs start from only $99.

We are also pleased to be able to offer our customers interest free payment plans* for new gas storage hot water heater installations or replacements if required.

How often should a gas storage hot water system be serviced?

A gas storage hot water heater should be serviced as per the manufactures instructions, usually this is once every two years.

Servicing your gas storage hot water heater will keep your family and home safe and it could very well save you money down the track. During a service, your attending plumber will repair any faults or loose parts/connections, replace required parts (e.g. the sacrificial anode), check for any gas leaks, as well as ensure that your gas storage hot water heater is running at its optimum efficiency.

Your plumber will also check that carbon monoxide is not being produced from your gas storage hot water system. Carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas that can easily kill, sometimes with little warning.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

For a gas storage hot water heater service in Adelaide call the experts from Adelaide Emergency Plumbing – 08 8423 6783.

The Adelaide gas storage hot water heater experts

At Adelaide Emergency Plumbing we consider ourselves to be the Adelaide gas storage hot water heater experts. We are able to repair, replace, or supply and install your gas storage hot water heater – natural gas or LPG.

If you’re in the market for a new gas storage hot water system but you’re finding the range of options overwhelming, we’re happy to help. Or, perhaps you’re wondering if a gas storage hot water heater is the right choice for your Adelaide home? Either way, call us. We’ll send a fully qualified and experienced plumber to you (on the same day of your booking) to make sure that a gas storage hot water heater is the ideal solution for your hot water demands.

For any gas hot water heater repairs, emergency plumbing requirements, or servicing look no further than Adelaide Emergency Plumbing.

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