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Do you need a gas fitter in Adelaide?

When it comes to gas, don’t ever fool around; simply contact the professionals from Adelaide Emergency Plumbing on 08 8423 6783 or complete our easy online booking form.

We will have a fully licensed, insured and qualified gas fitter to your home or office on the same day of your booking. If it’s an emergency we can be knocking on your door within 1 hour of your call, and we cover all areas of metropolitan Adelaide.

What does a gas fitter do?

You would need the services of a fully qualified gas fitter in order to fit and connect, disconnect, service, repair, replace or newly install, and test all types of gas appliances, covering both natural gas and LPG. You would also call a gas plumber if you suspect a gas leak.

For all new gas appliance installations, we will also issue you with a gas Certificate of Compliance. This document declares that your gas appliance installation has been completed in the correct manner, in accordance with the Australian safety regulations, and that the appliance has been tested and is in faultless working order.

If you contact a gas fitter that cannot supply you with a Certificate of Compliance, this would suggest that they are unlicensed. Without a Certificate of Compliance, your gas appliance may become void of its warranty conditions and your insurance may not cover the issue. Do you really want to risk that? You certainly won’t have this issue when you contact our team of trusted and affordable gas fitters in Adelaide.

At Adelaide Emergency Plumbing our gas fitting services include:

Commercial and residential gas appliance installation, e.g. gas ovens, stovetops, gas heaters, etc.,
also ensuring adequate ventilation

  • Gas appliance servicing, repairs or replacements
  • Gas hot water heater installation, repairs or replacements
  • Gas conversions and connections, including outdoor barbeques
  • Gas leak repairs
  • Gas Safety Checks
  • Installation or maintenance of gas meters, gas pipelines, bayonets, and other gas fittings

Gas Safety Checks in Adelaide from only $99

A gas safety check is so important, especially when it comes to the silent killer of the gas world – carbon monoxide (CO).

Carbon monoxide is a colourless, tasteless and odourless gas, and poisoning can occur in any home or building, old or new, that has a gas heating appliance.

CO can cause serious health problems, including chronic illness, brain damage and can also result in death. Symptoms of CO poisoning can often be mistaken for the flu, making it hard to diagnose.

It is crucial to have your gas appliances tested and serviced, as per the manufacturer’s recommendations, to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

A gas safety check is recommended every 2 years and is not a gas appliance service. With the gas safety check our trained technicians will inspect your gas appliances to ensure the following:

  • Your gas appliances have been installed correctly and are in proper working order
  • The ventilation for the appliance is adequate and in accordance with Australian standards
  • All flues and chimneys are clear, allowing the gas fumes to be emitted from your property safely
  • Pressure testing for gas leaks

Gas safety checks should only be carried out by a fully qualified and licensed gas fitter. Keep your family, home, office or rental property safe by calling Adelaide Emergency Plumbing on 08 8423 6783 to carry out your gas safety check.

Gas Appliance Service – Get it done. Keep your home, family, or tenants’ safe

Gas appliance servicing is vital and should be conducted as per the manufacturer’s guidelines, usually once every 2 years. Rheem gas appliances often come with recommendations of annual servicing.

A gas appliance service involves a more rigorous inspection and complete service of the appliances, and gas pipework compared to a gas safety check. All servicing of gas appliances needs to be conducted by a professionally trained and licensed gas fitter.

Call us today to put your safety in the right hands.

What to do if you suspect a gas leak

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