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If you have a reason to believe you’re experiencing a leak or are just taking precautionary measures and needing regular maintenance work, call the Maylands plumbers at Adelaide Emergency Plumbing today on 8423 6783.

A leak can be a small annoyance or a major problem and it’s always ideal to catch leaks before they turn into major crises. Either way, you must not ignore leaks anywhere in your house and call local Maylands plumbing professionals at Adelaide Emergency Plumbing for fast, affordable leak repair. We have provided exceptional water and gas leak services across Adelaide and metropolitan area that have earned us our customer’s trust and a reputation as a reliable choice for all types of Maylands leak repair services.

Pick Up Signs of Water Leak or Gas Leak

Before minor leaks turn in to a big problem that cost you time and money and bring undue stress, the best way to do deal with this situation is to be vigilant in picking up the signs of any leakage anywhere on your property. Be sure to call a certified and licensed professional as soon as you think your gas or water lines might be in trouble. When this is the case, Adelaide Emergency Plumbing is here to schedule a leak detection service. Our Maylands gas safety check service starts at $99 – so, do not delay and contact our highly skilled Adelaide gas fitter today. Our team has several decades of experience – serving homes, apartments, units, townhouses, newly constructed buildings, and businesses. Our Adelaide plumbers have seen it and know Maylands at the back of their hands – we detect, repair, and maintain it all.

Serving All Suburbs of Adelaide – Maylands Water Leak Detection

If you’ve noticed tell-tale signs like wet spots, mold and mildew, cracks in your foundation or a considerable increase in your water bill then it could be an early water leak that’s hiding beneath the walls or floors of your property. Usually, minor leaks are not completely visible until they’ve entirely ruptured and have turned into a severe water pooling or flooding problem. It’s important to notice the signs to avoid the problem from escalating and avoiding major expenses trying to fix the damage later. It’s always a good idea just to make periodic checks and get maintenance plumbing service from time to time for signs along these lines.

Maylands Gas Leak Detection

We take gas very seriously. Incorrectly installed gas fittings and gas leaks can be dangerous to you and your home or business and relying on a professional is a wise decision. While water leaks can be damaging in the long run, gas leaks pose more of an immediate threat to the safety of occupants in a building. Our Maylands plumbing team is qualified to conduct high-quality gas repairs and once we establish the exact location of leak, we will then consult with you before proceeding to the repair or maintenance service. Our technicians follow all Australian guidelines and safety protocols while working with gas appliances and gas pipes. You can count on us to provide emergency gas fitting services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, on public holidays and weekends, because we understand the importance of having safe and working gas in your home or business. Our plumbers are also licensed Adelaide gas fitters supplying the following services:

  • Detect gas leaks
  • Repair gas leaks
  • Gas hot water system repairs and service
  • Gas hot water system supply and installation, regular servicing, and maintenance
  • Gas appliances installations, repairs, and fittings

Call us now or book online and we’ll call you back within 30 minutes. Our Maylands Plumbers are available at 8423 6783.

If you’re looking for a local Adelaide plumber who’s honest and will go that extra mile for you (and actually mean it), then call Adelaide Emergency Plumbing, 24/7.

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