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Adelaide Plumber Shares How To Handle A Burst Pipe

A burst pipe is every homeowner’s nightmare and if you find yourself in this highly frustrating situation act fast to lessen the damage and contain the problem in the best possible way that you can. A water pipe can burst for a number of reasons such as pipe decay, poor installation, mains pressure, etc. Whatever the reason, a burst pipe is highly damaging and a serious problem any homeowner can face. Burst pipes can cause a great deal of damage such as extensive pipe destruction, property damage, extensive water damage and large water bills adding up in hundreds or thousands of dollars to fix. Knowing what to do when an Adelaide burst pipe occurs can help you prevent major damage.

#1. Shut off the mains water: When a pipe bursts the first and foremost thing to do is to shut off your home’s main water valve. It’s advisable to know where your home’s main water valve is located to avoid loss of time as and when the plumbing problem occurs.

#2. Ensure your safety and switch off the electricity: Depending on the location and size of the leak, it is advisable to shut off your electricity completely. Ensure power to your home is fully switched off, especially if the leak occurred anywhere near electrical appliances. If you suspect the leaking water can come into contact with any electrical sockets this is an important step to take to ensure the safety of your pets and family members.

#3. Call an emergency plumber: As soon as possible, get professional help to handle all repairs in a swift and efficient way. Always hire a licensed and qualified burst pipe plumber for skilled repairs. There’s just no substitute for an experienced professional and you must call one for all reliable repairs. Relying on a handyman may result in bigger damages in the future. While you could be adept at DIY home repairs, it is best to leave emergency plumbing to experts. Have a reliable 24×7 Adelaide emergency plumber in your phone contacts for any unforeseen future plumbing situations.

#4. Remove personal items and start cleaning up: savaging important belongings should be the next step once key things are taken care of. If your house is flooded from a burst pipe, it’s important to dry the wet areas as quickly as possible and soak up all standing water to avoid mold and long term damage. Items that have come in contact with water need to be dried immediately. Remove any carpets, furniture, personal items, important documents from the affected area.

#5. Call your insurance company and document everything: Review your homeowners’ insurance policy to see if your house is covered for water damage. Call your insurance company and try to find out. It is a good idea to document the broken pipe, water damage and anything that needs repairs as a result of the burst pipe. Take photos and keep notes of conversations with your insurer and plumber.

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