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Here’s What You Need To Know About Frozen or Burst Pipes

Here’s What You Need To Know About Frozen or Burst Pipes

Have A Burst Pipe? Call Adelaide Emergency Plumbing

Imagine waking up on a cold winter morning to the sound of water gushing somewhere in your house. You pause and think of possible reasons for this sound.

Do you have a blocked drain? A burst pipe? Or do you need stormwater clearing?

The sudden loud noises startled you as you ran towards the basement, where you found a burst pipe and water flooding it. The basement that held memories from the past soon filled up, destroying every trace of love and nostalgia you treasured.

You rush to shut down the main water supply to save as much restoration and plumbing costs as possible. The next step is to call Adelaide Emergency Plumbing so you can fix your burst pipe crisis!

Using emergency plumbing will save you a lot of money on restoration costs since you’ll be able to prevent so much damage.

Let’s explore in-depth the causes of burst pipes and a guide to immediate steps that you must take to prevent further damage to your property.

Understanding the Causes of Burst Pipes

1. Freezing Temperatures

Winter cold can cause the pipes to freeze and expand, causing your pipes to burst. This problem is especially common in poorly insulated properties or exposed pipelines.

2. High Water Pressure

A blocked drain, sediment or mineral build-up can increase water pressure and stress in the pipes, leading to ruptures.

3. Corrosion and Age

Over time, pipes can corrode or weaken, making them more susceptible to bursting.

4. Physical Damage

Had a construction project in your home? External forces like construction work or accidental impacts can damage the pipes and mitigate the risk of burst pipes.

All these situations call for immediate, experienced Adelaide plumbers. We’re your true local plumbers offering high-tech and modern plumbing equipment.

Immediate Steps to Take When a Pipe Bursts

Step 1: Shut off the main water supply in your home immediately to stop the flow of water and prevent further flooding.

Step 2: Turn off any electrical outlets or appliances to avoid the risk of electrocution. Use the circuit breaker to cut power to affected areas.

Step 3: Drain the faucets by opening all cold water taps to remove any remaining water from the pipes, This reduces any pressure in the system and minimise risk of further leaks.

Step 4: Now is the time to gather all your buckets, towels, or wet/dry vacuum to remove standing water. This step will help you minimise water damage to floors, walls, and furniture and also reduce restoration costs.

Step 5: Once you’ve taken all the necessary steps, call a professional and experienced plumber like Adelaide Emergency Plumbing. These experts will assess the damage to your pipelines, repair burst pipes, and take preventive measures to avoid further incidents.

When to Call a Professional?

It is possible to take preventive measures or attempt to solve the problem yourself, but you will need a professional. DIY methods don’t work well on burst pipes, and you won’t be able to use water in your home until you get it resolved.

So pick up your phone and call Adelaide Emergency Plumbing today. We offer 24/7 same-day service starting at a minimum price of $99. We have 15 years of experience and 65 years of collective experience throughout our team of master plumbers.

Your safety is our top priority hence, everything All Police are checked and DCSI screened.

Whether you are dealing with blocked drains, hot water repairs or replacement, leaking or burst pipes, or need emergency plumbing, toilet repairs, pipe relining, or stormwater cleaning. Adelaide Emergency Plumbing is at your service.


What materials are best for burst-resistant pipes?

    Modern materials like PEX and copper are more resistant to bursting due to their durability and flexibility compared to older materials like galvanised steel or cast iron.

    What is a leak detection system, and how does it help?

      A leak detection system monitors your plumbing for leaks and can automatically shut off the water supply if a leak is detected, helping to prevent extensive damage.

      How can I reduce high water pressure to protect my pipes?

        Install a pressure regulator to maintain safe water pressure levels. Regularly check and adjust the regulator to ensure optimal pressure.

        Are there emergency services available for burst pipes?

          Yes, Adelaide Emergency Plumbing offers 24/7 emergency services to address burst pipes and other urgent plumbing issues.