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Do I Need A Residential Clogged Drain and Clogged Sewer Plumber?

Do I Need A Residential Clogged Drain and Clogged Sewer Plumber?

Clogged drains and blocked sewers are unexpected plumbing nuisances that can interfere with your daily routine and peace of mind. A clogged drain can slow down your everyday tasks and leave behind a messy reminder after it’s all done. If you have been neglecting your clogged drains and pipes for a while then think twice. It can soon escalate into a bigger problem such as flooding and stubbornly blocked drains causing damage to your pipes and drainage system.

Signs Of A Clogged Drain

What may seem trivial at first, a clogged drain has the potential to become a full-blown blocked drain problem that can be a huge nightmare for homeowners. A clogged drain is the first warning sign of a blocked drain that is one of the plumbing emergencies and calls for professional help. Want to know if you have clogged drains? If you see the following signs it could mean you have a clog somewhere in your pipes or drain:

  • Water begins to back up out of a sink drain.
  • Pooling water around shower drains
  • Bad odour from sinks and drains around the house
  • Gurgling sounds after the water drains from the sinks or toilet
  • Sewage odours are a sign of a clogged sewer drain.
  • Slow draining bathtub or shower

Can Toilet Paper Clog A Sewer Line?

If you use extra-thick toilet paper and use it excessively then there are chances it can clog your sewer line. The sewer system cannot process a lot of wastepaper at once and the use of flushable toilet wipes, feminine hygiene products, baby wipes can easily become a problem. Simply stick to toilet paper and waste when flushing to keep your sewer line clog-free. Everything else must be thrown away in the garbage bin and not flushed away in the toilet bowl.

How To Quick Fix A Clogged Drain?

There are some effective household methods to clear clogged drains with ease. To start with, try to clean a small clog by filling the sink or shower with water and using a plunger to open the drain by removing the clog. Work it up and down creating suction then pull to remove and repeat the process several times until your drains are working smoothly, as they should. You could also combine salt and baking soda with boiling water. Pour the mixture into the kitchen sink, to break up the fat and greasy clogs, and leave it for up to eight hours before pouring any water. If a foreign gets flushed down the drain, we recommend turning off the toilet water supply to prevent unwanted overflow. Then, with rubber gloves on, extend your hand into the curved portion of the toilet and wiggle the object out of place. If the item doesn’t budge, try using a plunger or snake with a crank handle. put hot water on the sink or drain and let it sit for a minute. Then, mix a cup of vinegar with a quarter cup of baking soda. Slowly pour the resulting solution into the drain and flush with boiling water once again after 20 minutes.

If any of these options overwhelm simply call upon the plumbing professionals at Adelaide Emergency Plumbing, that’s what we’re here for!

Get Help from a Professional Drain Plumber in Adelaide

Looking for an affordable blocked drain plumber near you? Tried all the quick fixes we shared above but failed to see results? We are here to help! Adelaide Emergency Plumbing is your trusted source for clogged drain and sewer cleaning services. Feel free to leave us a message or call our experienced plumber Adelaide for any plumbing service. Our expert plumbing professionals are ready to help you with your drains and sewer. We look forward to restoring your plumbing system to maximum efficiency and bringing comfort back to your Adelaide home. Call us on 8423 6783 for 24×7 Adelaide emergency plumbing help.