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  • Dux is a trusted brand in Australia known for manufacturing high-quality hot water systems. They offer a wide range of hot water solutions to meet the needs of different households and applications.
  • Dux hot water systems are designed with efficiency and durability in mind, providing reliable and energy-efficient performance. The brand has a strong reputation for innovation and technological advancements in hot water system design.
  • They offer both electric and gas-powered hot water systems, catering to different energy preferences and availability.
  • Dux hot water systems are designed to comply with Australian standards and regulations. The brand prioritises customer satisfaction and provides reliable service and installation support.
  • This system is designed and manufactured in Australia and can be installed both indoors and outdoors.
  • It is part of the Proflo range, known for its efficiency and high quality.
  • The Proflo series is available in various tank sizes to accommodate homes of different sizes, and it delivers full mains pressure.
  • The 125L Proflo model is also available in a ‘narrow diameter’ version, offering a space-saving solution.
  • The system includes a larger anode, which helps increase the tank’s lifespan.
  • It features a hard-wearing, tough polymer base that resists damage and moisture.
  • The Dux Proflo 125L requires low maintenance and offers a long service life.
  • Adelaide Emergency Plumbing offers fully installed, same-day hot water service for this system.
  • The tank is backed by a 7-year warranty, while full parts and labor are covered for 1 year.
  • It ensures full flow pressure to all taps, providing a satisfying hot water experience.
  • Installation is made easy with water connections on both sides of the tank.
  • The system can be installed indoors or outdoors to suit your preference.
  • It features an attractive appliance white finish, contributing to a cleaner and modern appearance.
  • Additionally, there is a 5-year workmanship warranty to ensure the quality of the installation.
  • Adelaide Emergency Plumbing will provide guidance on any compliance or additional requirements for the installation of the new hot water system. Get peace of mind with our reliable 24/7 hot water service. Call us today to have your hot water system serviced or installed.

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