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Reasons Why You Have High Water Bills

Are you worried about the financial implications of rising utility bills? Has your water bill suddenly skyrocketed? Are you worried you could be wasting water, which is a precious resource? While it is easy to ignore and forget about small leaks and drips in the house, research shows that you could be wasting thousands of gallons of water through small leaks and drips. Not only that, but water leaks also mean higher water bills than expected. If you are in a similar situation it is a good idea to seek the assistance of a professional Adelaide plumber to help you identify the cause of water damage, water leak, water waste and fix it efficiently saving you the hassle, time and money.

In this blog, we are discussing some of the most common causes of high-water bills that you should be aware of and look out for on your property. All plumbing fixtures use water – toilets, washing machines, showers, sinks and any water bill increase must be inspected in these places in a house.

4 Common Reasons For A High Water Bills

#1. Running or Leaking Toilets: If you have a broken or leaking toilet it can cause significant water wastage and increase your water bill by a few hundred dollars. If you suspect your toilet is leaking and if it has been leaking unnoticed for a long time then you must get a qualified toilet plumber to fix the problem for you. To inspect you could run a dye test – simply put a few drops of food colouring in your toilet’s cistern and then wait for about 15 minutes to check if the water in the toilet bowl changes colour. If water colour changes in the bowl then it means that your cistern is leaking water leading to wastage and higher water bills. Or if you have been hearing a continuous, odd hiss-like sound in your toilet then there could be leakage issues in other parts of the toilet that need to be assessed by a plumber. Get a professional plumber to ensure that the problem is properly fixed.

#2. Leaky Taps and Plumbing Fixtures: Taps with drips and leaks are easy to spot and are one of the most common reasons for increased water bills. Did you know that a leaking tap wastes about 17 gallons of water per day?! It is recommended to visually inspect all your household taps, shower heads, and all plumbing fixtures for any leaks and drips. If your fixtures are old and worn out, your bathroom plumber may recommend an upgrade to save water by installing smart and water-efficient fixtures. If leaks are caused by normal wear and tear a plumber would be able to fix the worn-out part ensuring there are no more drips or leaks.

#3. Outdated Plumbing Fixtures: If your household has old and obsolete plumbing fixtures and an outdated toilet then you might be using up way more water than a household that has modern plumbing fixtures. New age plumbing fixtures and accessories have a multitude of features aimed at improving water efficiency that save hundreds of dollars in water bills along with saving water and minimising wastage. Modern fixtures boast low-flow water-saving features, aerators for taps and water-saving shower heads that can help you minimise your bills considerably. Get your trusted local plumber to inspect the taps, shower heads, toilets, and other water-using equipment in your house and recommend necessary repairs or upgrades.

#4. Using More Water Than Usual? Adding a new member to your household to purchasing water-consuming equipment or installing a new fixture that uses more water also impacts your total water consumption. Water use also changes from season to season, which might cause the utility bill to increase. By making smart buying decisions and applying proper water consumption practices, you can keep your water bill low.

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