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How To Extend Your Hot Water System's Lifespan

A Guide On How To Extend Your Hot Water System’s Lifespan

One common mistake homeowners make is installing a new hot water heater system and simply forgetting about it. Hot water units are indispensable but an invisible plumbing appliance and if there is hot water running in the house, no one pays too much attention to the humble unit. Your Adelaide hot water system is almost always running – day and night, year after year, and keeping your home comfortable, yet it’s easy to overlook because it just sits there and does its job. The only time most homeowners think about it is when the hot water supply is cut, or the unit breaks down. While it’s good to have hot water on demand, your hot water system won’t last forever, and it’s in your benefit to pay some attention to it.

Tips to Improve the Lifespan of Your Hot Water System

In this handy guide we are providing tips and tricks to extend the lifespan, get most out of the unit and avoid any future emergency hot water repairs:

  • Regular Maintenance: The average life of a hot water system is 10-12 years. Your water heater may last longer or shorter depending on how you maintain it. As Adelaide hot water plumbers, we recommend annual maintenance for your water heater and the entire plumbing system. Hot water system manufacturers always advise users to maintain their appliances regularly and provide maintenance schedule which should help you keep your hot water system in good condition for better performance, safety, and longevity. A qualified hot water plumber will conduct safety checks and flushing resulting in extended lifespan, high efficiency, and increased safety. Furthermore, proper maintenance by a certified plumber will cut down significantly on higher future repair or replacement costs.
  • Inspect the pressure valve: All hot water systems have a safety temperature pressure valve that can release pressure from the tank if it gets too high. One of the main reasons why your hot water system won’t last for long is a faulty pressure valve. It’s essential that this valve is working correctly to avoid any problems and for your hot water system to last many years. For the system to operate effectively, the pressure inside the tank must be always regulated to safe levels. If you are not confident in inspecting the pressure valve on your own call a local hot water plumber to inspect it for you.
  • Manage Temperature: We recommend to not leave your water heater temperature levels unchecked. It is advisable to not let your hot water system operate at extremely high temperatures. If it always runs on high temperature, then you will be exposing your hot water tank to high pressure. The tank could burst or get faulty in due course of time, hence a reduced lifespan. On the other hand, low temperature may encourage the growth of bacteria in the tank and the water supply line. A licensed plumber will be able to check your hot water system and expertly repair if your thermostat is faulty.
  • Anode Rod Inspection: Regularly checking on your water heater’s anode rod is essential in preventing the tank from rusting and ensuring it’s optimum functioning for years to come. The anode rod attracts corrosive materials in your water so that the interior tank walls don’t corrode. If you don’t replace or service the rod regularly, you may have to replace your tank sooner. Call your Adelaide hot water plumber for anode rod maintenance or replacement services.
  • Set the Hot Water Heater to Vacation Mode: If you are going away on a holiday, we recommend turning your hot water heater to vacation mode. This way the appliance consumes less power and is almost on a zero load at this mode. That is another easy and effective way that you can improve your hot water heater lifespan.

If you need professional help to make your hot water system last longer, feel free to call Adelaide Emergency Plumbing. We are your local experts in hot water heater systems and offer professional maintenance and repair services for all models and types. We can help you save money on your energy bills by ensuring your hot water unit operates at its optimum performance. Our Adelaide plumbers ensure your hot water system is repaired, installed, and maintained to the highest standards possible using industry’s best practices.