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Rinnai Hot Water Systems: Help with Additional Error Codes

Rinnai Hot Water Systems: Help with Additional Error Codes

Rinnai is a big name in hot water systems, known for being reliable. But even the best tech can run into issues, and that’s where error codes come in. They’re like signals from your Rinnai system telling you something’s up. Understanding these signals is crucial for quick fixes.

At Adelaide Emergency Plumbing, we’ve got your back. Rinnai tankless water heaters are great at providing hot water when you need it, but when things go wrong, they speak in error codes. We’ve already talked about some, and now, let’s dive into more of these codes. Our goal? To make sure your hot water keeps flowing smoothly. Trust us to help you make sense of these error codes and keep your Rinnai system in top shape!

Common Rinnai Error Codes and Troubleshooting Tips

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Error Code 38: Exhaust Thermistor CO Sensor
Inspect sensor wiring for damage.
Measure the resistance of the sensor.
Clean the sensor of any scale build-up.
Replace the sensor if needed.

Error Code 54: High Exhaust Gas Temperature
Ensure Heat Exchanger fins are clean and not blocked.
Confirm inlet water temperature is within the recommended range.
Clear the diagnostic code by resetting the main power supply to the water heater.

Error Code 57: Burner Overheat Bi-Metal Switch
Reach out to Adelaide Emergency Plumbing for comprehensive troubleshooting.

Error Code 58: Secondary Heat Exchanger Sensor
Scale build-up in the secondary heat exchanger may require flushing.

Error Code 63: Recirculation Low Flow
Ensure bypass plug is removed, and the bypass filter is installed.
Confirm cleanliness of both inlet water filter and bypass filter.
Verify Parameter settings for recirculation mode.
Ensure adequate Pump supply voltage.
Remove air from the recirculation line.

Error Code 70: PC Board
Check PC board DIP switches for correct positioning.
Inspect the connection harness at the connection on the PC board.

Error Code 73: Flame Sensing Device Fault
Inspect sensor wiring and PC board for damage.
Replace the sensor as necessary.

Error Code 79: Flame Sensing Device Fault
Water detected at the bottom of the unit; turn off the water supply.
Inspect all internal plumbing for leaks.

Error Code LC, LC10, LC1, LC2, LC2 00: Scale Build-up in Heat Exchanger
Flush heat exchanger following the manual instructions.
Consider replacing the heat exchanger if needed.
LC0-LC9 indicates scale build-up; flush heat exchanger as per manual.
Temporarily operate by pushing the On/Off button on the temperature controller 5 times.

Error Code SS: (SS) Service Soon (Flush Heat Exchanger)
Flush the heat exchanger as per the manual to prevent damage.
Reset the SS code by pushing the On/Off button on the temperature controller 5 times in 5 seconds.

Error Code FF: Maintenance Has Been Performed
Indicates licensed professional maintenance or issue correction.
No action required.

Expert Assistance for Rinnai Hot Water Systems Adelaide Hot Water Plumber

At Adelaide Emergency Plumbing, we understand the frustration that comes with encountering error codes on your Rinnai hot water system. Our team of highly trained professionals specialises in the diagnosis and resolution of Rinnai error codes, ensuring that your hot water supply is restored promptly.

Whether it’s addressing issues related to ignition, flame loss, overheating, or faulty sensors, our experts have the knowledge and experience to pinpoint the root cause and implement effective solutions. We prioritise timely and efficient service to minimise disruptions and provide you with a reliable hot water system.

Navigating Rinnai error codes requires expertise, and Adelaide Emergency Plumbing is your go-to partner for comprehensive solutions. Don’t let error codes compromise the performance of your Rinnai hot water system—trust our skilled technicians to decode, diagnose, and resolve issues efficiently. Call us now for reliable and professional service!